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Over 15 years experience in the Healthcare Recruitment Industry

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Vital Care Nursing

A staffing solution focused on the unique demands, challenges and rewards within the private health and healthcare industry. 

Vital Care Nursing successfully offer RGNs, RMNs, HCAs, Carers and Support Workers to a variety of independent, large brand, small or large establishments within your area. We can ensure that your individual needs are met and that all strict compliances and due diligence is met.

Vital Care and its associates have a vast amount of experience within the healthcare recruitment industry. We have been placing skilled workers within various recognisable brands and organisations for over 15 years now. Vital Care was born due to the recognised need for a staffing agency that really understood and appreciated the unique complexities that working within Care can present.

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Potential Worker?

We want you to enjoy representing Vital Care and we equally want to represent you, your skills and experiences in the best way possible by building strong foundations and relationships with each other.

We love a good old-fashioned chat before we proceed to helping you officially register through our compliance system – so please fill in the following details and one of our associates shall be in touch.

Potential Client?

Vital Care understands that not all homes or centres are the same and that compassion and understanding are more prevalent and important that other healthcare sectors. We have a strong focus and respect for the patient at the end of this process who will be a loved member of someone’s family, but also a friend and character of your establishment.

The associates at Vital Care have direct experience within this industry but have also been placing individuals from Acute NHS all the way to Hospice Care and everything in-between. We have picked out some of the best practises and compliances to create a one-of-a-kind service that is reactive, responsible, transparent and honest.

Our Sectors

We can work confidently within the following sectors based on the genuine experience of our workers. 


All of our nurses are fully checked and have direct experience within your sector.


The demands of community nursing are unique and we offer fully accredited and experienced individuals.


A demanding specialism that requires the right qualified individual with a valued contribution.


A challenging, but often rewarding sector where our staff have vast direct experience to make the difference.

Learning Disability

We can offer staffing support to cover a range challenges with a dedicated and caring perspective.


A unique environment requires a unique perspective with great understanding and capabilities.

Brain Injury

Our staffing support is ready to assist in any tailored environments.

Supported Living

Let us help with our flexible and dedicated staffing solution.

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Our satisfied clients & candidates.
“I am always anxious when joining a new agency. They all operate so differently and you never know what you’re going to get, but straight from the off I was welcomed and guided through the registration process with ease. Everything was straight forward, explained and I was out to work in no time!”
“Agency had never appealed to me, but when I heard that Vital Care where in my local area, had long standing relationships with local care homes then this made me feel more comfortable. The team have been so helpful since I started. I have had some great shifts and now regularly work at the same care home each week which suits me perfectly”
“We always had problems with agencies not being frank with us over whether they could fill the shift or not. When we are at the final hour, its really important to us to know if they can fill or not so that we can start thinking of other solutions if needed. After a long day shift, the last thing you want to be doing is covering a night shift that starts in a couple of hours, but I know I can call them first and get a solution or I can move on.”
“The quality of staff from Vital Care have been brilliant. I love that they are focused on our sector as we do things quite differently to NHS staff and sometimes, we have to take on a lot more “personalised” burdens to ensure our residents need are fully addressed. We always have lovely friendly people from Vital who just want to help and make things easy. We have a few great regulars that we can call on when needed”
“No one wants to deal with a staffing crisis, but it does happen. Knowing we have a local solution with people who either live nearby, who have worked within the specialism before and have the skill sets is great. We also just love working with the Vital Care team as they are real genuine people who feel our pain and want to provide a great service – which they always do”