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Vital Care understands that not all homes or centres are the same and that compassion and understanding are more prevalent and important that other healthcare sectors. We have a strong focus and respect for the patient at the end of this process who will be a loved member of someone’s family, but also a friend and character of your establishment.

Vital also understands that your team may have individual processes and routines unlike other organisations and that minimal disruption is appreciated in order to have a successful shift. Although, you may not want to use an agency, we appreciate that when you do that you wish for the experience to be as smooth as possible with all legalities, compliances and relevant screenings having been taken prior so that you have confidence in the individual attending to assist you and your team.

The associates at Vital Care have direct experience within this industry but have also been placing individuals from Acute NHS all the way to Hospice Care and everything in-between. We have picked out some of the best practises and compliances to create a one-of-a-kind service that is reactive, responsible, transparent and honest.

We can work confidently within the following sectors based on the GENUINE EXPERIENCE of our workers. Please don’t see this as a restrictive list, we have people with various skills across numerous healthcare sectors and if you need something more specialists, we have sister companies that can certainly help.


All of our nurses are fully checked and have direct experience within your sector.


The demands of community nursing are unique and we offer fully accredited and experienced individuals.


A demanding specialism that requires the right qualified individual with a valued contribution.


A challenging, but often rewarding sector where our staff have vast direct experience to make the difference.

Learning Disability

We can offer staffing support to cover a range challenges with a dedicated and caring perspective.


A unique environment requires a unique perspective with great understanding and capabilities.

Brain Injury

Our staffing support is ready to assist in any tailored environments.

Supported Living

Let us help with our flexible and dedicated staffing solution.

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If you would like to have a friendly, no obligation chat, then please feel free to enter your details below, with information on the best time to contact you.

We look forward to learning more about your establishment, team and residents so that we can successfully place a willing and experienced pair of hands to help with the demands of your day.